Dishes (Pirate burger)

The Pirate burger with homemade foie gras bacon and cheddar and fries 28€
The classic burger with cheddar and bacon19€
Filet de St Pierre, on a risotto with black truffle carpaccio25€
Cod fish’n Chips served with fries and salad20€
Risotto wiht homemade smoked salmon23€
Homemade Niçoise-style octopus stew ( depending on arrivals)23€
Garlic and parsley plancha squid ( depending on arrivals)23€
The beef tenderloin skewer with fries and salad24€
Risotto with black truffle carpaccio28€
The fresh Sea bass fillet its seasonal garnish22€
fries supplement 6€ garnish supplement 5€ butter suplement 1€

The pirate burger of sea view restaurant

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Burger pirate
Burger pirate

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