Starters (seafood salad)

The seafood salad23€
Mussels stuffed with Provençal sauce16€
The avocado, shrimps and mango tartar19€
Buratta mozzarella, ham, salad and tomatoas19€
Homemade Fish Soup with rouille and croutons17€
Smoked Salmon by us with beech wood and warm toast20€
The plate of tapas sticks mozzarella onions rings, shrimp tempura, acra22€
Caesar salad with shrimp tempura / chiken25€/22€
Shrimp tempura (6 pieces)18€
The 12 Stuffed Burgundy Snails18€
The falafels salad and houmous maison19€

The restaurant the Pirate‘s seafood salad

It consists of: salad of nicois mesclun, fresh tomatoes cerise grappe and avocado, homemade smoked with hêtres wood salmon, fresch shrimps or shrimps tempura and bread toasts and butter.( Soon i will prepare a page about our the salmon fabrication )

Seafood salad
Salade océane

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